Living Room- 9/9/09

We’ve got a surprise show booked for tonight at The Living Room (Ludlow, off Stanton Street on the L.E.S.)

The boys in Bubble will be releasing their long-awaited album tomorrow night and offered us a spot on the bill. Tommy, Mark and Colin will also join Bubble’s Dave Foster for a short set of Beatles tunes. For those of you who haven’t seen the video of us trying out the new The Beatles: Rock Band (also releasing tomorrow) for the NY Times, here’s a peak:

Also, here’s a linked video of Mark and Tommy playing with Dave near Bryant Park, shot by TimeOut New York’s FlipCam theatre.

This will be a special night for us as well, because we will be adding two new members to the line-up: Waylan Daniel (bass) of Waylan Daniel and The Bricks, and Mike Checcini (guitar) of the Neutron Drivers. We are psyched to have them, and they've proven a perfect fit.


Bubble and The Jupiter Deluxe
The Living Room (Ludlow @ Stanton)
9.9.09 @ 9pm
$8 cover

Much love,
The JD

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