June Shows: Matador Records Tribute– 6/25 at Spike Hill, Brooklyn & 6/27 at Iron Monkey, Jersey City

We’ve spent the better part of June putting overdubs on our record, but we also have a great show we’re preparing for on June 25th at Spike Hill in Brooklyn:

The three-hour Matador Records Tribute show kicks off with a 15 minute set of Cat Power songs, performed by The White Noise Supremecists.

We will be doing our part, joined by Michael Cecchini of The Neutron Drivers and Waylan Daniel of the God Damns , with a 30 minute set of Guided By Voices tunes. Also performing with us will be Gold Streets, who will be playing Superchunk, Pavement and Yo La Tengo. House band, The Au Laits, with special guests (Dave Foster, Julian Maile, Steve “Hank” Henry, Amanda Sayle and others) will play the final hour with music from Teenage Fanclub, Liz Phair, New Pornographers and more!

Matador Records Tribute
Spike Hill
184 Bedford Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Thursday, June 25th
Tip Jar Donations Accepted!

The guitar says it all

Two days later we will be in Jersey City, so don’t miss that!

Iron Monkey

Saturday, June 27th
97 Greene Street
Jersey City, NJ

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