Back to the Studio

Now done with two months of constant gigging, we’re heading to the studio to start work on our full length LP and digipak. It is due out early 2011. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to eek out some treats for you along our way to getting there.

The release will include close to 11 songs, which we’ve been hammering out over the past year.  We’re going to hit basic tracking onto 2″ tape later this month with Brad Albetta at Money Boy Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  The rest we will self-produce with the gifted Tommy DeVito at the helm.

Again, thanks to everyone who’s come out to see us, to the 100+ people who signed our mailing list and to all the fans who have found us online.   Here’s a fan submission from our last show at Crash Mansion on 2/28:

We’ll be taking a short breather from live shows but look for us later this spring.

Love, as always,

The JD


Brooklyn Lyceum Show: March 7th

cassandrashow We’re happy to tell you about this upcoming show on Saturday, March 7th at the Brooklyn Lyceum, at 227 4th Ave in Park Slope (9th Street stop on the F). It’s a benefit for an independent short film, starring Amanda Sayle. We’ll be going on at 10PM!

Also, keep voting at Radio Crystal Blue Airplay Vote 2009. We are currently leading in EP Bracket 2. You can vote every day from the same computer!